Thursday, June 4, 2009

Buchla 258 Sawtooth

Well after a lot of mucking around and changing the FET's quite a few times we have the "sawtooth" that looks pretty much like the one that was captured from the original.

This was a picture that is from the synthesis technology website. I tried linking directly to it but the Blogging software didn't work so I have copied it here. You can see all the original information at Synthesis Technology.

Mark Verbos, from who's design & PCB layout i used, has also done a more accurate clone from which he garnered this picture:

You can read his full blog posting here. Strangely I did end up securing the original FET that Don used, a 2N4339...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Not much Forbin action recently but I have been putting together a speaker so I can hear the sound ring out clearly... We have here a speaker from the Italian organ from beside the road and a speaker from the $50 Japanese Hammond Organ from the Quokka... Current outlay is about $18 for the MDF
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