Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Through the Zero Plane

Some excitement when I got the En129 (ElectroNotes TZVCO) to work. I had a few problems etching the board (see previous posts) and then I had a few problems getting it to work. I then found a few missing resistors from the schematic when I had copied it into the PCB program. Anyway now all is good except for a couple of resistors mounted on the bottom!

Here is the board:
The layout is reasonably tight but there are a few more links that I would have liked. I probably could have juggled around the opamps between the packages to get rid of a few but I was getting a bit fed up with it all by that stage...

This is the result of some very simplistic testing. Looks a bit like some of the photographs that I have seen for the scope outputs from the Teezer and the ZeroOscillator.

Might ask Bernie Hutchins if I can post the layout for press'n'peel to electro-music or somewhere...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On the List "To Do"

I probably need to stop generating Boards and get them attached to some front panels! This is what is waiting for a panel & some knobs. There are about 50 boards here -- some of them will probably go into the prototyping/experimental pile but most seem to be running OK!
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