Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halvosen Attractor

Onwards and upwards... Whilst eating my sandwich at lunch yesterday I was reading about other Attractors and came across a lot of references to Sprott's Chaos and Time-Series Analysis book. Having the advantage of a child at University I e-mailed him and he borrowed it from the library. Probably a few orders of magnitude over my head for most of it, it did clear up the differences between flows and maps (which is obvious after the fact) and has a fantastic appendix full of different formula for common chaotic systems.
I have added quite a few to the formally called Peaks board and code stream. The one I like the best is the Halvosen Attractor which, for quite a simple formula, has a bizarre thrashing around like a cat in small cage! Here is a quick photo from my least favorite CRO (since the Dick Smith one seems to have died from dry electrolytics)...

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Tim Churches said...

Are you allowing the co-efficients (e.g. the sigma, rho and beta for the Lorenz) for these attractors to be varied via the pots on your mutant Peaks, or have you just set them as constants? My understanding is that these attractors are very sensitive to the co-efficients used, and thus allowing them to be tweaked may not be very useful.