Monday, December 14, 2015

FPGA Oscillator

This has turned up from WaveShare. It is really very reasonable as I don't think that I can buy the FPGA device for that. I plan to bash out a something themed on the ShapeShifter. It won't be as sophisticated (or any where near as expensive). I always enjoyed a bit of VHDL coding but the requirement for it is sadly thin on the ground these days. I was a bit surprised that Cyclonix really just bolt an Altera evaluation board onto a bunch of DAC/ADC and analog interface device on a panel. From the reading I have done, they use the NIOS soft processor -- I was going to skip that bit and stick an ARM in beside the FPGA as the compiler/debugging is generally a bit ropey on an environment with such a small user base. That will leave more space for Audio processing and waste less resources on the FPGA.

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