Thursday, July 9, 2009


It has all been a bit quiet recently. The rest of life has intruded a little bit on Forbin activities but I have been slowly working away on a little project which is a LFO with some fairly unique aspects. Not really sure how well it will actually work but we are pretty close to a press'n'peel PCB. Found a couple of poggs ups and I keep adding functionality so that I can use the PCB for some other things as well (an Envelope Generator maybe?) When it is all finished I will probably upload it to some of the forums (well assuming that it works!). I have tried to keep everything "free" so the PCB is layed out with Eagle and kept within the limited capabilities and the development tools are all the free versions of those as well. The PCB is all single sided but it is going to be a fairly careful etch if it is going to work well. Oh and this site has just passed it's first Birthday!

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vinnui said...

Hmm... powerful and universal CV generator? Can you tell more about the D/A resolution? Which DAC's are used?

It seems to be hard to design a front panel for this. :) Too many possibilities...

Good work, keep us informed!