Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Uncertainty Levels > 75%

This is an older board, but Board #4 of the Source of Uncertainty collection is reaching completion! I have even started on front panel layouts and it is looking a bit like two boards on one panel and two on the other or one Mega panel. I also have started on a better version of the AVR noise source. I have decided on a dsPIC version with Grey and Brown noise. It will also support the original noise pattern of the noise generator from National Semiconductor along with a longer, less chuggy version of a 48bit sequence. The dsPIC is probably overkill for the project and I am slightly tempted to do the Grey noise in the DSP! I have a nice SPICE model of an Analog filter design that I have generated but it depends if I can get three outputs from the DSP in a reasonably simple manner...
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