Monday, June 17, 2013

According to Jung

Typical! After berating AbeBooks on a public forum it turned up... whoops... So that Karma is dished out the damn book doesn't have a description of the circuit that I bought it for!! It must be in one of his other books and since this book ended up costing me about $100 when you include the money shelled out for the first one that failed to show last year I don't really feel that inclined to go after the other ones. Having said that this book does have quite a lot of interesting articles -- particularly a section about Norton Amplifiers. Kind of wish that they would just put them on Lulu for $15-$20 bucks. I am now thinking that I might ask Bernie Hitchens as he mentions that they did an investigation into the Jung trick with modulating the power lines of the CA3080 in Electronotes En#63 -- had a bit of a look inside a LM13700 and seems like it should also work for that, but obviously effect both OTA's at the same time (which for Ian Fritz's Wood Wind waveshaper would be fine!)

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