Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bergo Awakens!

I have been building the Bergfotron Advanced VCO for a very long time. I am pretty sure that I started this at least four years ago and it has lain dormant and unloved in the large box of Forbin possible modules. Recently I decided that it was a badge of honor to actually get this beast to life. Any self respecting Synth DIYer would rise to the challenge that Jörgen had thrown down. Well here we are -- we have the VCO core actually doing something. There has been a fair carnage in the component count that have visited this board and a lot of head scratching. There are a few wires that seem to be missing from the overlay drawing (the -1V to the CMOS switch) and a track missing (the -ve supply stops after the ferrite bead) but for sheer mid boggling options stuffed onto one board this is pretty much the pinnacle of design and you would have to take your hat of to Jörgen to have achieved that on a single sided board! Anyway I will keep trundling along as I want to get the wood-wind waveshapers to go! I have no idea how I am going to get all this onto a Forbin front panel but wait and see... hopefully not too long!

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